The GOAT Level Mindset

           Most of you are wondering what the hell GOAT Level is. It is the greatest of all time level. How did I create it? The leader of my online battle rap group kept calling me “The GOAT” so I took that in stride and ran with it. A mindset and a way of life evolved into an entire brand. I have always been attracted to greatness, now I want to consistently live it. This brand is centered on faith and self-confidence, something I have struggled with my entire life. To be honest, I still struggle with this. However, this brand is still on my mind every single day. When I started calling myself the GOAT in December 2017, I...

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OU Football Fail

There are three questions I answered a lot during my time at OU. Why did I come all the way out to Oklahoma form DC? what is my major? and do I play football? Yes. I was an OU Football player: for three weeks. I am not counting the previous three weeks that I had spent trying to clear NCAA compliance. When I first got there at 5 AM on a tuesday morning, I was wide eyed, I had my OU football issued shirt, shorts, girdle and shoes. I was shocked when I received a girdle because I had only wore it with football pants. The football equipment manager saw the look on my face and infamously said, “what? you...

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