The Pickup Touch Football Inspiration

It was a normal Sunday afternoon on the outskirts of my hometown Washington, DC. On this day, I went to Long Bridge Park for yet another pickup touch football session with the co-ed group I found on meetup.com. The number of players decreased from the following week. However, we were still able to put together a solid 5 on 5 matchup. From the start, the matchup looked unfair. My team had a sight edge when it came to athleticism. With that being said, there was only one good quarterback on the field. This guy just happened to be on the other team. He was not only a good QB but arguably the best QB in the entire meet up group....

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The GOAT Level Mindset

           Most of you are wondering what the hell GOAT Level is. It is the greatest of all time level. How did I create it? The leader of my online battle rap group kept calling me “The GOAT” so I took that in stride and ran with it. A mindset and a way of life evolved into an entire brand. I have always been attracted to greatness, now I want to consistently live it. This brand is centered on faith and self-confidence, something I have struggled with my entire life. To be honest, I still struggle with this. However, this brand is still on my mind every single day. When I started calling myself the GOAT in December 2017, I...

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OU Football Fail

There are three questions I answered a lot during my time at OU. Why did I come all the way out to Oklahoma form DC? what is my major? and do I play football? Yes. I was an OU Football player: for three weeks. I am not counting the previous three weeks that I had spent trying to clear NCAA compliance. When I first got there at 5 AM on a tuesday morning, I was wide eyed, I had my OU football issued shirt, shorts, girdle and shoes. I was shocked when I received a girdle because I had only wore it with football pants. The football equipment manager saw the look on my face and infamously said, “what? you...

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