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Life Power Rankings and Week 2 NFL picks

Top and Bottom 5 overall life power rankingTop:Summer Madness XRaquel (soulbeautifulme) starting a youtube pageClippers’ trolledBrowns vs BengalsOrangetheory classHM: More money in bank accountBottom:Cousin Ree-Ree dyingMystics chokingStruggling to stay in the present Racist Chinese people/Ty Lawson reactionEagles losingHM: Lust, Tight hamstring, social anxiety, flag football loss, Offset-Cardi B overreactionPicks:Jaguars 10 Titans 20Panthers 20 Bucs 35Steelers 17 Broncos 7Rams 20 Eagles 2349ers 24 Jets 16Bills 24 Dolphins 14Vikings 30 Colts 27Falcons 31 Cowboys 35Giants 17 Bears 28Washington 10 Cardinals 27Chiefs 34 Chargers 13Ravens 37 Texans 31Patriots 13 Seahawks 20Saints 40 Raiders 21

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