The GOAT Level Mindset

           Most of you are wondering what the hell GOAT Level is. It is the greatest of all time level. How did I create it? The leader of my online battle rap group kept calling me “The GOAT” so I took that in stride and ran with it. A mindset and a way of life evolved into an entire brand. I have always been attracted to greatness, now I want to consistently live it. This brand is centered on faith and self-confidence, something I have struggled with my entire life. To be honest, I still struggle with this. However, this brand is still on my mind every single day. When I started calling myself the GOAT in December 2017, I felt better than ever. I was motivated, energized, I walked with my chest out, with a “pep in my step”. The normal fears I had were pretty much gone. I felt like Michael Jordan, Lebron James, and Floyd Mayweather combined. I felt like I could do anything.

           This became tough to sustain once life got in the way. Society, bad habits, psychology, money, women, all deterred me from that feeling of greatness that I attained when I first discovered this GOAT Level mindset. I’m fighting to reclaim that energy and help others keep that same energy as well. This brand has been underground these past two years, mostly because I’m not living the brand myself. Well that’s going to change. Being on the GOAT Level is something you have to practice. Yes, I’m talking ‘bout practice! shout-out to Allen Iverson. Repetition is key. It’s not going to be easy. I plan to practice living this brand through key principles and affirmations.


“I’m the greatest of all time”
“I’m the best ever”
“It don’t matter, I’m still the GOAT”
You are the greatest of all time. You are great at whatever you put your mind to. No one can take this mindset away from you.

Just Take that L

Losing sucks but the losses provide lessons that will make you a legend. Repetition is key. Keep taking that L, keep getting better. These L’s will turn into an abundance of W’s one day.

Embrace Yourself

Embrace who you are, love who you are. Be who you want to be

Challenge Yourself

Feed your competitive nature, take on new challenges. Try to make the impossible, possible

Attack Fear

Don’t let fear limit you. Attack it as much as possible.

Be the Calmest Person in the Room

In certain situations you need to act like you’ve been there before. Breathe, relax, focus and don’t forget to smile

This brand will be portrayed through:

Social Media
Youtube (eventually)
Sports podcast


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