Why I started GOAT Level

A combination of things had to take place in order to make this happen. First, my job situation. In December of 2017, I was just beginning to drive for lyft, my seasonal job was slowing down and my basketball referee check was several months away. The situation just reflected doing things for money that I was barely passionate about. The full-time job search at this point had become frustrating, unproductive and close to being the afterthought that it is now. The next thing was my fascination of self-improvement videos. Trying to better myself is something I always WANT to do but do not consistently STRIVE to do. I definitely wanted to increase my income and bring in more revenue. I stumble across Jaspreet Singh, the face of "Minority Mindset". Most of his videos really hit home. His main message is quit thinking like the majority of people on earth. Jaspreet really pushes investing and owning a business. In one of his videos, he discusses the drop shipping business. As he goes into detail, this becomes really interesting to me. Of course I had no idea what to sell, what to call my store, anything. This where the final push comes in. One day that December, I randomly think of the times where the people in my battle rap discord group called me "the GOAT" (greatest of all time) despite not really doing anything to warrant such a title. That's when it hit me! I started thinking, "wait a minute, I AM the GOAT". I constantly called myself this leading up to the new year. My self-confidence increased just by this simple mindset set. My slogan became, "I am the GOAT and I'm not playing". This is why I decided to call the store "GOAT Level" because once you reach the GOAT level, its a wrap, your greatness will always shine. When I started looking through oberlo for products to sell, the t-shirts became the most interesting to me so I decided to go with that.

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