About Us

GOAT Level, the Greatest of All Time level is first and foremost, a mindset. You don't have to be a famous athlete to be the GOAT in your life. The clothing brand started in January 2018, with shirts that remind the consumer and others that they are the GOAT. It is an expression of self-motivation. Social Media accounts and the Sports Podcast were also created in early 2018. The GOAT Level Brand main purpose is to positively motivate, encourage and entertain others. 

Since 2018 the brand has developed 9 principles that those with a GOAT Level mindset should follow:


Affirmations: “I am the Greatest of All Time”, “I’m Simply the Greatest”, tell yourself that you are great and believe!

Embrace Yourself: Self-love is important

Challenge Yourself: Always take on new challenges, make yourself better

Just Take That L: It's the losses that provide lessons, that'll make you a legend

Be the Calmest Person in the Room: Smile, be calm in the face of adversity

Attack Fear: Don't let fear run your life

Make it look easy: Make the hard things in your life look easy. Dominate.

Make others around you better: Your greatness will make other people's lives better. Don't be afraid to encourage others to be their best

Only compete with yourself: Compete with yourself, beat your own records, set your own standards!